What is Iaxclient ?

Iaxclient is a cross platform library which handles the IAX2 protocol, call-control, and local audio. The iaxclient CVS repository includes several softphones, including IAXComm.

Library Features:
  • Platform support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris
  • IAX2 registration
  • Handling multiple calls.
  • Complete audio device control
    • Selectable devices for input, output and ring
    • "playsound" functionality to mix sound in with output.
    • Mixer controls
    • Audio level notifications (i.e. for vu-meters).
  • Digital signal processing (denoiser, automatic gain control, voice activity detection)
  • multiple codec
    • gsm
    • ulaw (G.711u)
    • alaw (G.711a)
    • Speex (configurable bitrate, VBR/ABR, etc).
    • iLBC (stub included, just add your own iLBC source).
    • others can be easily added, by _you!_

  • Advanced jitter (playout) buffer, with Packet Loss Concealment, and hidden dynamic sizing.
  • Remote and local reception statistics (network stats): Loss, Jitter, Delay, etc.
  • Now includes ability to be built as a shared library (.DLL/Win32, .so/Unix, .dylib/MacOSX).
Iaxclient is a C library, and can be built as either a static or dynamic library.
Contributors have build bindings for other languages, including:
Main page of the project : http://iaxclient.sourceforge.net/
  • Download source code (.tar.gz)
  • Download binary for Windows (.zip)
  • Download binary for Linux (.tar.gz)
  • Download binary for mac (.zip)

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