Parlino become VoipGATE

As everybody know Parlino the voip provider stop his activity in january 2007 . The company VoipGATE get the user base of parlino to continue the service with some cost advantage : indeed each Parlino user who switch his account into a VoipGATE account get 5 euros of credits for free , and with a strong voice quality.
Having worked as a Parlino technology partner for years, so that's why this company can easily purpose to the user of Parlino to don't stop the service and upgrade the quality of the product.
If you have a Parlino account you can switch it into a VoipGATE account here

The company VoipGATE get the domain name
This website will show all events about the library, about products and specially VoipGATE products.
They will provide a large panel of products and their new softphone with a new voice quality .

What is Iaxclient ?

Iaxclient is a cross platform library which handles the IAX2 protocol, call-control, and local audio. The iaxclient CVS repository includes several softphones, including IAXComm.

Library Features:
  • Platform support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris
  • IAX2 registration
  • Handling multiple calls.
  • Complete audio device control
    • Selectable devices for input, output and ring
    • "playsound" functionality to mix sound in with output.
    • Mixer controls
    • Audio level notifications (i.e. for vu-meters).
  • Digital signal processing (denoiser, automatic gain control, voice activity detection)
  • multiple codec
    • gsm
    • ulaw (G.711u)
    • alaw (G.711a)
    • Speex (configurable bitrate, VBR/ABR, etc).
    • iLBC (stub included, just add your own iLBC source).
    • others can be easily added, by _you!_

  • Advanced jitter (playout) buffer, with Packet Loss Concealment, and hidden dynamic sizing.
  • Remote and local reception statistics (network stats): Loss, Jitter, Delay, etc.
  • Now includes ability to be built as a shared library (.DLL/Win32, .so/Unix, .dylib/MacOSX).
Iaxclient is a C library, and can be built as either a static or dynamic library.
Contributors have build bindings for other languages, including:
Main page of the project :
  • Download source code (.tar.gz)
  • Download binary for Windows (.zip)
  • Download binary for Linux (.tar.gz)
  • Download binary for mac (.zip)